Managing your local email lists

If you have already segmented your email subscriber list by language, or have separate lists, well done. If not, you can survey your customers – even by simply using an subscriber preference center – to ensure you have accurate data before you send.

That said, if you know that your email list will reach an international audience but aren’t yet in a position to target subscribers by language, you can also display all your language versions in a single campaign. We’ll look at this in further detail in the “Managing the localization process” section of this guide.

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Localized Email Copy

We’ve already mentioned considering the themes and tone used in localized copy. From a design perspective, it’s also worth thinking about your call to action. If you use buttons or images especially, getting these right can pose a problem – with even the simplest, 3-word call to action in English blowing out fixed width elements when translated, or spanning multiple lines. Not only are there often more words required, but the words can be significantly longer.

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Displaying all content

If you haven’t segmented your list, there’s nothing wrong with adding multiple versions of the same copy to a single campaign. Customers Global Eyes Production have done this tastefully, using an animated GIF to display their slogan in multiple European languages:

This campaign could be improved by linking through to a survey or preference center, to capture the recipient’s language preferences. But as it is, it’s a clever campaign, which clearly makes it known that the campaign can be read in 5 different languages.

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